Hand-selected French leavers lace


Have you ever wondered when buying your luxury lingerie where the gorgeous artisanal lace comes from? Independent brands like Mina Lingerie, amongst haute couture houses and atelier designers, source french leavers lace. From rich lustrous colours and patterns to barely-there delicate and soft. This particular French leavers lace house is based in the North of France. A living heritage company with true craftsmanship at its heart. Founded in 1974 though the original loom itself was imported from England in 1879.

There are hundreds of years of knowledge and techniques passed through generations and before beginning work, all weavers must undergo a vigorous training programme. Ensuring quality control is kept to standard on these gorgeous laces. Making this particular leavers lace all the more unique.

Mina Lingerie

There is something special about hand-picking your laces at the start of your design journey. Walking into a room surrounded by an array of colour and texture. I can safely say the first time I did this all previous designs had gone out the window. It's exciting to see your vision change once you start whittling down your final few for each design. 

 Some elements that will influence your design process are the width of the lace, how big is the scalloped edge? Is the pattern design too large or too small for what you had in mind? Our supplier (and most) will offer the same lace design in various widths. Making it economical on budget and waste. Take our Yasmin for example, there is only a slight detail of lace so only a trim is necessary.

 All these factors play a part in the design process. Is the lace design bold enough to cut out and applique onto your piece? Would that work on a cup detail or as a sleeve with a delicate wrist detail on a bodysuit? It certainly gets you thinking and your possibilities are endless.

Mina Lingerie

Chantilly laces are more likely to be used across lingerie and couture. You can spot Chantilly as a delicate, refined and modern lace design. Most likely in a vast selection of colours and metallics.

Bourdon is a bolder larger lace, likely to be used more in bridal, a a traditional and classic design. Crafted with a defined outline for a much more established design.

Lastly, Guipure. An embroidered style lace that has seen a surge in lingerie and fashion design outside of classic and bridal. A thicker three-dimensional texture  that is perfect for layering over a sheer tulle. This style can also be bespoke to you from colour to design.

Lace is a beautiful textile to experiment with. It can create an abundance of moods whilst it remains forever classic.